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Our Journey

Our Journey

Our Journey

There’s a saying, ‘Rome wasn’t build in a day’. Indeed, building a successful business and a brand that being trusted by thousands of user take much effort of research, partnership, courage and faithful people. Over the years, Dr. Irma Skincare have expanded their presence globally, while being one of phenomenal brand locally.

Walk through our memory lane and get to know our brand in-depth.

  • Birth of DR.IRMA Brand

    Although our corporate presence start in 2017, the brand itself was created on 2015 by our own founder Dr. Irma Ariandi. She envision a company that will become a leader in physical wellness globally and locally.

  • Our First Retail Outlet and Spa

    Located at the heart of Johor Bahru, we expand our business physically and start serving retail and spa service to our patron.

  • Our Best Seller is Born

    Radiant White Vitamin C Serum was become our top-most product.

  • Branding in Mainstream Media

    Our product make their way and gain further attraction to be featured mainstream media in Malaysia (e.g: Astro, TV3, TV Alhijrah)

  • Product Penetrate Indonesia Market

    Angel White Product gain approval of BPM. BPOM- The National Agency for Drug and Food Control of Indonesia. DR. IRMA’s Angel White series is now available in Indonesia market.

  • Launch of Flagship Store

    Dr. Irma launching new flagship store and additional new product.


  • MARA Grant Receiver

    We are awarded by a grant of Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA), which help boosting our presence and business both globally and locally.

  • Penetrate Malaysia Major Market

    1. Enlisted in AEON RETAIL OUTLET through Malaysia.
    2. Enlisted as KOOP ANGKASA supplier.
    3. Enlisted in COOP FARMASI.
    4. Supplier to KPJ Hospital.
    5. Registered with MOF


  • Active Participation in MATRADE

    DR. IRMA is one of the featured brand to be active in MATRADE events.

  • Birth of PT Irma Ariandi Global Indonesia

    We fortified our business hold in Indonesia through our newly registered PT IRMA ARIANDI GLOBAL INDONESIA, and had further memorandum of understanding with DEKOPIN INDONESIA for DR IRMA products distribution through out INDONESIA. With that, PT IRMA ARIANDI GLOBAL INDONESIA importation company for cosmetics, food & beverages to Indonesia.

  • Expansion to India Market

    We successfully sign a distribution of our product to penetrate India market.

  • Expansion to MENASA Region

    We expand our distribution to Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA) Region that allow our product to be distributed to all countries in the mentioned region. Soon, resident of this countries (Kuwait, Qatar, SAR, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey) will be able to purchase our product.

  • SME Corp BEEP Grant Reciver

    Awarded BEEP Grant by SME Corp, further progress us to the new height.

  • Collaboration with Malaysia Universities

    We signed a memorandom of understanding with several local higher learning insitution and university. This able to enhance our product research and marketability. Some of the universities include Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and Azizah Vocation College (KVERT Azizah).

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