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About Us

About Us

Our Story

Dr. Irma Shida Abu Samah
Founder, Irma Ariandi Global Sdn Bhd

Irma Ariandi Global Sdn Bhd, is a 100% bumiputra company owned by Dr.Irma Shida Binti Abu Samah, a dentist who is also the owner of Irma Ariandi Dental Clinic located at Plaza Larkin, Johor Bahru.

This company established in 2015, is a platform for marketing and distributing skincare, skin applications, health & cosmetics products under the brand name of DR.IRMA as well as OEM.

Our office is located in Dr.Irma Lifestyle & Wellness Hub situated in Plaza Larkin. Aside from the core operations for Irma Ariandi Global Sdn Bhd, the hub is equipped with SPA facilities for facial and body treatment using only Dr. Irma’s own formulation.

Dr.Irma’s products are researched and formulated by Dr.Irma herself together with certified chemist and produced by appointed factories certified with HALAL and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification. Specifically targeting treatments for various skin conditions, general wellbeing, aromatherapy usage plus using holistic and natural ingredient in the formulation, Dr.Irma’s range of products is free from harmful chemicals and are lab tested to ensure safety.

Dr.Irma’s formulation consists of 80% organic raw material such as fruit extract, flowers and plants imported from countries like United Kingdom and Canada. Special care and monitoring is practiced at the appointed factory producing the products from the beginning till the products are ready for distribution.

We protect the secrecy of DR.IRMA’s formulation by engaging into a manufacturer’s contractual agreement with the appointed factory and have the exclusive production rights to all products under the brand name of DR.IRMA. We also took the initiative to protect our rights by registering the trademark for our logo with the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia ™.


Our products are targeted at consumers starting from the middle income group, consisting of men and women between the ages of 13 to 70.These consumers have been identified as having high values for health and beauty with preference for eco-friendly products using natural ingredients with high efficacy and safe to use even for the most sensitive skin. These group of people have great awareness for using natural and chemical-free products and avoiding harmful chemical laden cosmetics that are proven to be detrimental to health.

Our Vision

It is the company’s vision to maintain relevance & to succeed, remain competitive and always at par with other successful producers & suppliers.


Our Policy
  • To strive and be competitive in the skincare and cosmetics industry
  • To nurture and maintain good relationship with our clients
  • To ensure and maintain the quality and safety of our product to our consumers by abiding the rules and regulations set by the Government.
  • To always be in trend with our consumers needs and uphold the integrity of our products and adhere to underlined ethics in providing our services to clients for e.g providing good after sales services.
Our Mission

To ensure maximum consumer satisfaction. Our company is confident that our product is able to achieve prestigious and exclusive standard of excellence.


We protect our valuable assets and intellectual rights for our brand of products and strive
to increase efficiency.


We are constantly evolving and finding new and creative ways to make our range of products multifunctional , adaptive and versatile to meet the different demands of consumers. As a example , our products can be presented as corporate gifts or as
items in airline amenity bags/pouches. We hope to be able to respond to all manners of consumers request.

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