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About Us

About Us

Our Story

Dr. Irma Shida Abu Samah
Founder, Irma Ariandi Global Sdn Bhd

Irma Ariandi Global Sdn Bhd is established in 2017 and the brand DR. IRMA is established in 2015. Our company’s mission is to be a leading brand in physical wellness nationally & globally. Our mission is to continuously develop 100% vegan wellness product & services which are Halal & Syariah compliant with clinically proven results that creates confidence in community while increasing awareness in the need for total wellness with sustainability engraved in our actions.


DR. IRMA product range consist of skincare, personal care and dental care range that combines modern medicinal cosmeceutical advancement with natural healing ingredients. Our bestseller are our Natural Whitening Set (LUNAGLOW range & SNOWMAGIC Night Treatment) , our Sensitive skin perfecting complete set (DERMOSERIES), our Scented Anti-covid19 Sanitizers and Natural Whitening & Antiseptic toothpaste DENTAKLIN WHITE & mouthrinse DENTARINSE FRESH.

We are unique from others as we focused on our products to give the benefits of total wellness to our consumers and wellness awareness to the public thus resulting in a wholesome community health as part of our giving back to the community. Our mission for total wellness encompasses Physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social & environmental wellness, hence sustainability effort plays a huge role in our company


Our products are of multi-usage, combining several skincare steps in 1 unique formulation, hence reducing the use of packaging precious ingredients. The packaging used can be reuse by our customers as part of recycling effort. We are also against animal cruelty thus our products are not tested on animals. Our marketing materials are 100% digital as we support the movement to reduce carbon footprint with less paper usage. With all these efforts, we hope to contribute to environmental wellness and for a better future for our youth.

Our Vision

It is the company’s vision to maintain relevance & to succeed, remain competitive and always at par with other successful producers & suppliers.


Our Policy
  • To strive and be competitive in the skincare and cosmetics industry
  • To nurture and maintain good relationship with our clients
  • To ensure and maintain the quality and safety of our product to our consumers by abiding the rules and regulations set by the Government.
  • To always be in trend with our consumers needs and uphold the integrity of our products and adhere to underlined ethics in providing our services to clients for e.g providing good after sales services.
Our Mission

To ensure maximum consumer satisfaction. Our company is confident that our product is able to achieve prestigious and exclusive standard of excellence.


We protect our valuable assets and intellectual rights for our brand of products and strive
to increase efficiency.


We are constantly evolving and finding new and creative ways to make our range of products multifunctional , adaptive and versatile to meet the different demands of consumers. As a example , our products can be presented as corporate gifts or as
items in airline amenity bags/pouches. We hope to be able to respond to all manners of consumers request.

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